Case Study #votecittadella Social Media Campaign

The Challenge

Gozo’s Cittadella was amongst the 21 finalists of the 2018 RegioStars Public Choice Award which recognises the most original and innovative EU-funded projects. People all over Europe were able to vote online via a dedicated website throughout the campaign and via Facebook and Twitter for just the last week of the campaign. The #votecittadella social media campaign was launched on 1st September 2018 and went on until the online voting closed, on 7th October 2018.

Ngage Marketing was engaged to help develop and implement a communication strategy which aimed to create awareness about Gozo’s Cittadella’s nomination in the RegioStars Awards, whilst encouraging people to vote online for the public choice award.

Marketing Objectives:

The strategy was based on the following objectives:

  1. Remind/educate people about the beauty of Gozo’s Cittadella.
  2. Raise awareness about The Cittadella’s nomination in the RegioStars awards.
  3. Educate the public about how to vote.
  4. Encourage people to vote and to share the message with friends and family.

The Strategy

The #votecittadella social media campaign had a content-driven approach leveraging on the latest trends including online video, content marketing and media & influencer collaborations, utlising key social media platforms namely Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Main Content Pillar- CAMPAIGN VIDEO

It was felt that the main pillar of the campaign should be in the form of a video.

Why a video? We wanted to make people who had already visited, fall in love with the beautiful Cittadella all over again and those who had never visited to have the opportunity to appreciate how stunning the Cittadella actually was.

Even though we did create a social media presence for the Vote Cittadella Campaign via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, it was felt that to first launch the video online, we should partner up with a brand that already had a strong engaged audience since we needed to garner a strong wide reach within a short time-frame to build a warm audience for the rest of the campaign.

For this reason we chose to first launch the video via LovinMalta. We also recreated the campaign video without the Lovinmalta branding and later promoted it both in English and Maltese via the VOTE CITTADELLA social media channels and supported the campaign with supporting content and ads. 

View campaign video here.

Campaign identity

The Campaign Visual Identity was developed for both online and offline use in a way that portrayed the beauty of Gozo’s Cittadella via 3 key images whilst also including the main logos that were required on all communication material, showcasing the campaign tag-line “Lets put Gozo’s Cittadella on the European map” and communicating the call-to-action to vote.

vote cittadella campaign

Supporting Pillars:

  • Media and Influencer Collaborations – We reached out to key media & influencers to help communicate the message more organically and in a tailor-made manner that connects with their loyal audience. It was important that the influencers who endorsed the campaign were actually aligned in terms of their brand voice and also their target audience. We went for influencers who valued local culture and heritage so their message would come across as credible and genuine.
  • Renovation visuals – These posts consisted of images of the Cittadella project before and after the restoration. Since the award was actually concerning the restoration of the project we wanted to highlight the difference between the Cittadella before and the Cittadella after the EU-funded restoration.
  • Last week of voting  – On 1 October the voting was also opened on Facebook and Twitter so the message was tweaked to cater for this change in call-to-action in the last week of voting. Here we also continued to leverage on our influencer and media collaborations to continue to encourage their followers to take action and vote.
now open22
last few2
last few days

The Results:

In 5 weeks the campaign achieved the following results:

  • Overall 3rd place out of 21 EU projects with a total of over 30,000 votes.
  • First place on Facebook and Twitter with 8,699 votes recorded in just 7 days.
  • The campaign garnered over 2,100 likes on the Vote Cittadella Facebook page in just over 1 month.
  • The Vote Cittadella Facebook page’s ‘reach’* peaked at 310,453 unique users over a period of 28 days.
  • Total ‘impressions’* reached 1million in the same period.
  • Total ‘unique engaged users’* in the same period (28 days) peaked at 28,690 unique users.
  • 5 of the campaign ads actually reached a relevance score rating of 10 out of 10 by Facebook.
  • The campaign’s average cost per click *was at a competitive rate of 0.14 with the campaign’s best performing ad registering a cost per click of just 04 per click.

The #votecittadella campaign not only achieved the aim of generating awareness about The Cittadella’s nomination, encouraging people to vote and achieving a top 3 placing in Europe; it also served to remind people about the beauty of this majestic local heritage site and created a unique opportunity to bring it front-of-mind for the local and tourist population.