Case Study: Fujitsu Air-Conditioners by Able Ltd – Summer Campaign

The Challenge

Ngage Marketing was approached by Able Ltd to help develop a strategy that will ultimately help increase sales in a profitable and sustainable manner.

Marketing Objectives

In order to drive sales, we based our strategy on 4 key marketing objectives:

  • Elevate brand positioning by investing in a strong brand-building marketing campaign
  • Create a strong online presence & digital marketing strategy
  • Target new customers (B2C & B2B)
  • Enhance Existing Customer Relations


The Strategy

Create a memorable brand message that promotes USPs to target audience. The message was based on the following rationale:

In the heat of summer, you can cool down and enjoy the comfort of your own home thanks to Fujitsu Air-conditioning. Fujitsu air-conditioning units are so efficient and silent you will not want to leave home this summer. (Underlying message: do not worry about wasting electricity by staying at home with the AC on because Fujitsu is so energy-efficient) Idea of using different real-life situations where those who choose Fujitsu would rather enjoy these moments in the comfort of their home than go out. It pays them more to enjoy these moments at home thanks to the efficiency and comfort of Fujitsu Air-conditioning. The Campaign Concept aims to build the brand and elevate it so people associate comfortable living with Fujitsu A/Cs whilst also depicting the energy-saving USP which is so important.

Communication Pillars:

  • Efficiency
  • Silence
  • Comfort
  • Reliability
  • Healthier air

Communication Channels:

  • Online advertising (Google display and Google search ads)
  • Social media advertising (Facebook and Instagram)
  • Content marketing
  • Radio advertising

We also invested in:

  • Improved SEO
  • Leveraging on existing client relations

The Results:

Brand awareness and visibility improved substantially throughout this campaign. Moreover, website visits increased from double digits to an average of 4,000 users per month. Facebook reach and engagement went through the roof with over 98k unique users reached in a period of 5 months and 9.3k user engagements in the same period (10% of total people reached).