We help brands communicate their value in a way that reaches and resonates with their ideal audience, creating communication opportunities that lead to results for both brands and customers.

Founded by Davinia Mallia Pulé after 15 years in the industry managing campaigns for local and international brands, Ngage is a marketing consultancy firm that specializes in Brand Development and Digital Marketing.


We believe many people have the wrong view of marketing.

  • People demonize it.
  • They demonize businesses.
  • They demonize sales.

We want to change that.

We want to project a philosophy of WIN-WIN when it comes to marketing.

We want to help businesses stop interrupting people with their message and instead, form part of the conversation.

It’s about finding that sweet spot for a brand’s communication and reaching the right people at the right time with the right message.

In this way we help brands communicate their value in a way that reaches and resonates with their ideal audience, creating communication opportunities that lead to results for both brands and customers.

The key word here is RESULTS.


– We help you clarify your key message and cut through the noise in a way that your target audience could quickly understand how you can help them, thus reducing the barriers of communication between your brand and your ideal clients.

– We help you develop a relationship of trust with your audience and help you build brand equity, leading to business longevity. We do not believe in short-term tactics. We are in this for the long haul and so are our clients.

– We help you generate quality leads and together will build a framework where you can nourish your leads and optimize your conversion rate.


At Ngage our key strength lies in our process. Running ads on Facebook or LinkedIn is something most people can figure out. Running effective campaigns that are built on a sound marketing strategy? Not so simple.

We refuse to offer any recommendations unless we first delve deep into your business. We first study what is so great about you, who your ideal clients are and why would they benefit from your brand, vis-a-vis your competition.

We then analyze your past and current marketing efforts as well as your brand positioning and develop a strategy that is built on all this data. Once the strategy is established, we create an actionable implementation plan for each platform based on set objectives and KPIs.


  • Brand Development and Marketing Strategy;
  • Communication Planning & Implementation;
  • Online Advertising Strategy, Planning, Set-Up, Management, Optimization & Reporting including:
    • Social Media Organic & Paid Strategy (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok).
    • Online Banner, Video, Search, Smart Advertising (Google, YouTube + other Digital Advertising platforms)
    • Digital Influencer Marketing.
    • Online Public Relations & Content Marketing.
    • E-Mail Marketing
  • Creative Services:
    • Graphic Design – Static and Animated Ads.
    • Video-Editing & Animation
    • Script-Writing & Copy-Writing.
  • We also work with trusted, specialized partners to provide the following:
  • Web design & development
  • Complex Audio-Visual Video Productions
  • Complex Photography

Running paid campaigns is the best way to learn what works and what doesn’t and we spend thousands of euros on digital client campaigns every month, thus having golden insights on what is working for various industries. This also enables us to keep up to the date with the latest updates and policies which naturally helps save time and money when running new campaigns.

We are also a generous bunch and love to share what we learn. Call us crazy but we want everyone to win (Win-Win remember?) You can watch or listen to our latest insights and tips here https://linktr.ee/Ngagemarketing.

For further information, contact us on info@ngage.com.mt or 00356 99119144.